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Ragana, meaning "witch" or "to watch" in Lithuanian, was inspired by the founder's grandmother.  We inject that magic into all we do - sparking ideas into a reality!

From multi-event campaigns to intimate gatherings, our team provides the expertise to create premium experiences.


Working in booking, event curation, creative

development, business development, program

implementation and growth strategy

for Nashville Venues.


If you are interested in booking a unique

space for an event, photoshoot, video shoot,

workshop or special gathering. You've come to the

right spot. 

Check out our "Book" tab in the top menu bar

for more info. 

Modern School Building

Original Events

Event Creators & Curators

- Currently running a storytelling series, known as "The Nashville's Moth", titled, "Never Sent".

Format: Folk read texts, emails, or letters they've never had the guts to send.

Logline: An Event celebrating the most important conversations we've never had. 

- Recently wrapped The Nashville Drag Crawl, a city-wide activation in protest against the Tennessee Drag ban. Community Drag meets your good ol-fashioned Bar Crawl. Crawlers were encouraged to dress in Drag. We Raised over 2K for local LGBTQ organizations.

- Recently wrapped a modern twist of the classic, Vagina Monologues.

The show was titled "Clit Tips".

We gained sponsorship from The Lipstick Lounge, Bellesa, Liba Spirits, Overton Arts & Bearded Iris. With two packed venues and our finale selling out - we consider this program a delightful success! 


Consulting with team leaders.

- Experience with Permits, insurance, venues, talent, show formats, crew

hire, proposals, etc

- Experience with music, festival, block party, beer-crawl, protest, drag, burlesque, comedy, film & music video premieres

- Formulating IP into custom programs

-Creative Strategy & Direction


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